What is the scope of this event? How many veterinary students typically go to SAVMA Symposium?

SAVMA Symposium typically has an attendance of over 1000 veterinary students! It is a great place to make connections with students from other schools and to be reunited with friends that you may have made at other conferences or previous symposia!

How does the wetlab lottery work?

Each year, the host school provides a list of Day Trip and Wet Lab events. Due to the popularity of these events, a lottery will be conducted to determine the participants in Wet Labs and Day Trips with limited space. Each entrant will have a chance to win 1 spot in a day trip or wet lab out of the (up to) 4 they ranked in the lottery. Participation in the lottery does not guarantee you a day trip or wet lab spot. Lottery selections will be drawn randomly, taking into consideration your designated rank and the number of spots available. The Lottery for Wet Labs and Day Trips will be closed on 11/30/2018 4:00:00 PM CST and the lottery will be processed to fill the initial spaces for each event. If an entrant wins an event in the lottery, the cost of that event will be processed on their credit card used during their initial registration. Each entrant will be notified if they did or did not receive a wet lab or day trip through the lottery by 12/07/2018 that will contain your receipt for the winning lottery event. If you do not win a spot in the wet lab or day trip lottery, you will have another opportunity to purchase additional events on a first come first serve basis when registration opens on 12/07/2018 at 9:00am CST.

Please note: when general registration opens on December 7th, you may register for additional day trips and/or wetlabs. Provided there are no timing conflicts between them, you can register for as many as you like!

How do I request a refund?

Registration and event fees are non-refundable. If you have an extenuating circumstance, please contact the AVMA Program Coordinator Jackie Ross at SAVMASymposium@avma.org.

Where will the lectures and wetlabs be taking place?

Lectures will be held at the Classic Center, the convention center that serves at SAVMA Symposium 2019 headquarters. Depending on the content, wetlabs will take place at our College of Veterinary Medicine, at our Veterinary Teaching Hospital, or at the affiliated UGA teaching farm.

Will transportation be provided for symposium events?

Transportation will be provided to and from all Symposium events. Wetlabs times include travel time, so rest assured––you will arrive on time! In addition, hotel transportation will be provided from select hotels. Visit the TRAVEL page for more information.

What are the approved hotels for the event?

There is a list of approved hotels on the TRAVEL page! For quick access to the hotels, visit this link.

How will I get around Athens?

There will be at least one shuttle running continuously from the Classic Center to all of the affiliated hotels during most of the event. There will also be a shuttle running a continuous loop from the Classic Center to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital or College of Veterinary Medicine. Transportation will be provided to and from the Opening Gala, Dawgs After Dark event, and Closing Ceremonies. If you are looking to travel somewhere not on the bus routes that we provide, Athens is very walkable! There is also a large Lyft/Uber presence.

What are the “Ramsey Center Passes” that I can add to my registration?

Our state of the art student athletic center on the University of Georgia campus has a variety of gyms and equipment for you to keep up your fitness while attending SAVMA Symposium; fitnesses classes will also be available! If you did not register for a Ramsey Center Pass, you can always update your registration to include one. Please note that you must purchase a pass for each day you wish to use the Ramsey Center.

I bought a Ramsey Center Pass, but how do I get to the Ramsey Center?

There will be a shuttle from the Classic Center to the Ramsey Center that runs every hour between 7am and 7pm.

What will the Exhibit Hall look like?

Here is a map of the Exhibit Hall:

What hours will the Exhibit Hall be open?

Here is a schedule for the Exhibit Hall:


4 PM – 7 PM Set-Up and Registration


8 AM – 10 AM Set-Up and Registration
10 AM – 4 PM Exhibit Hall Open


10 AM – 4 PM Exhibit Hall Open


10 AM – 2 PM Exhibit Hall Open
2 PM – 5 PM Exhibit Hall Dismantle